About Us

Our Story

Our restaurant focuses on plant based foods; better for the environment, better for your health and better for the animals. Our kitchen is completely vegetarian and everything on the menu can be made vegan with the substitution of vegan cheese. Our burger patties are all home made from healthy, wholesome ingredients that are designed to keep you full longer and your diet cleaner. We believe in a 100% cruelty free lifestyle, only sourcing ethical ingredients. We offer meals that keep both your heart and belly happy!

History of the Bonobo

The bonobo's closest relative is the chimpanzee, except unlike chimps, bonobo's diet is predominantly herbivore. If humans were more like the bonobo and less like the chimpanzee, the world would be a more peaceful place. Where chimpanzees are aggressive and more quarrelsome, bonobos are great appeasers. This might be because the females are in charge. The chimp clan is ruled by an alpha male who displays acts of machismo. In bonobo groups, the males are kept in their place by the alpha female and her sister animals who are looked to by all, including males, for defense and security. Much of the interaction between bonobos are erotically tactile and they spend a great deal of time mating, not simply just for procreation but as a social activity, to resolve disputes and avoid confrontations.

Local & Proud

We are proud to incorporate these local suppliers into our kitchen: Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, Agostino's Bakery, Vegetate Market Garden, B&B Farms, Vanderwees Farms, Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co., Nor'Wester Maple Co. and Wolfhead Coffee.